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At Longstone CofE (VA) Primary School, we aim to equip our pupils with a range of Art and Design skills and experiences, so that they can use these in their everyday lives, as well as in the future. We aim to nurture their creative attributes; ignite their passion for Art and Design, as well as provide opportunities for their creative work and talents to shine.
At our school, we understand that Art and Design is more than just a subject and that it is part of our nation’s history and culture. As a result of this, teachers provide opportunities to investigate a variety of artists and their work during lessons, which is used to ignite discussions, as well inspire the pupils’ creations. By teaching a progressive Art and Design curriculum, which covers the skills of drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, textiles, collage and digital media, we encourage our pupils to express their individual interests, opinions and ideas using various tools and materials. Art and Design is not only taught as a discrete lesson but it is woven throughout the curriculum and through enrichment activities provided throughout the school year, so that pupils explore and develop their artistic abilities.


Art and Design skills are taught in a two year cycle and they are linked carefully to the half term topics. Art and Design alternates with Design and Technology, so that children experience and learn an Art and Design skill every term. 

At Longstone CofE Primary School, Art and Design is much more than a subject and we love to enrich our curriculum by including Art across the school year in a variety of ways, such as: paintings for our Harvest festival; crafting poppies for Remembrance Day or incorporating a Decoration Day with a variety of Christmas crafts.