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Assessment in the Early Years

Our expert staff use their professional knowledge of child development to assess each child's strengths and next learning steps. 

Our Early Years Lead teacher is a recognised Department for Education 'Early Years Expert', who delivers Early Years support to other schools throughout the local authority. 

We use our professional observations of the children to make formative assessments of their attainment and to inform future planning and build upon the children’s current knowledge. Our summative assessments look at children’s attainment in relation to age related expectations and our bespoke Longstone School curriculum, created using the Development Matters Framework. Our assessment is moderated both internally and with other external schools, including schools within our local cluster.

In addition to our professional knowledge and conversation, key achievements and milestones are recorded via SeeSaw, our online learning platform. Our partnerships with parents and families form a key foundation from which our children will flourish. Key learning moments are shared with families via the SeeSaw app giving parents a chance to share in the joy of their child's development whilst at school and also giving reassurance and comfort of knowing that children are enjoying their time at Longstone throughout the school day.