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At Longstone CE Primary School, computing is an essential part of the curriculum that is integral to many aspects of learning.  Computing and digital technologies are significant parts of everyone’s lives and children should be at the forefront of new technology.
Computing at Longstone nurtures children through a wealth of learning opportunities and transferrable skills explicitly within the computing lessons and across other curriculum subjects.
Through the study of computing, children will gain fundamental knowledge that will ignite their interest in being  digitally-equipped for the rest of their lives. 
Longstone Primary School develops independent learners who are able to design, create, and evaluate their learning with increasing effectiveness who will shine in the digital world.


Computing is taught explicitly to show children how to use digital devices, the Internet software and apps correctly and safely. Lessons include e-safety, programming, word processing and presentation skills.

Children ​will also use computing technologies throughout the curriculum to support learning in a range of different subjects e.g. history, geography and science. They will learn how to search the Internet effectively, efficiently and safely to gather knowledge about the subject they are learning.


We use a range of social and collaboration skills through partner and group work.

We demonstrate the difference between right and wrong and teach children to accept responsibility for their behaviour when using online digital platforms.

We explore how children can contribute positively to the online digital world.

We promote respect for others’ opinions and beliefs when expressing themselves online as long as they’re in line with British law.

Children are assessed against the National Curriculum objectives using the following document: