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Acquire wisdom, acquire understanding, and never forget her, never deviate from my words.    Proverbs 4.5

Curriculum Drivers

Our school vision underpins the design, planning and delivery of the curriculum at Longstone Primary School.

·       Guiding children through the learning process
·       Giving children opportunities to learn in different ways
·       Developing the resilience that comes with the understanding that mistakes are a part of learning.

·       Bringing learning to life to ignite fascination and curiosity in our children
·       Giving children the courage to express what they want to learn
·       Making learning relevant in today’s world and to our local, rural context

·       Giving children the opportunities to be the best that they can be in a broad range of subjects
·       Providing opportunities to perform – in class and to a wider audience
·       Celebrating achievement with the children in class and at the celebration assemblies

Long Term Planning

At Longstone, we teach whole school topics, adapting these where needed to cover KS1/2 objectives as effectively as possible. We do this in a 4 year cycle and use our skills progression maps of all subjects to support this.