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At Longstone CE Primary School, we believe that our pupils should be immersed in a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that engenders an enquiring and critical outlook on the world.
We aim to ignite children’s curiosity about the past and the wider world and nurture them to think critically, analyse evidence and appreciate different perspectives.
Through the study of history, pupils are encouraged to ask questions and develop an understanding of chronology as they learn about significant people and events. This allows them to understand how the past influences the present.
History at Longstone enables children to develop a cultural understanding as they learn to value their own and other people’s cultures in a modern multicultural Britain. This lets children shine with their own sense of identity. 


History at Longstone follows our four year topic cycle using the National Curriculum objectives. 

Children will access a range of resources to support their learning. This includes the handling of artefacts, acquiring visitors into school, having access to secondary resources such as books and photographs, independently using resources from the internet and using non-fiction books for research. 


Our History Curriculum impacts pupils in the following ways:

  • Extends their knowledge and understanding of people, events and contexts from the historical periods studied
  • Develops the ability to think critically and challenge their own and others' views using historical evidence to support their views
  • Ignites a passion for history which develops their curiosity about the past and how it influences the present


Children are assessed using the National Curriculum objectives using the following document: