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At Longstone C of E Primary School, our overall aim is for pupils to leave school being able to converse in and understand a Modern Foreign Language, which was chosen as French by staff, pupils and parents. We aim to do this through nurturing children’s natural curiosity in language; igniting their enthusiasm, understanding and love of language and culture and by allowing their language abilities to shine and make an impact on the future.
We have developed our own bespoke Languages overview, which follows a two-year cycle and it provides pupils with everyday language essentials, so that they can converse with other French speakers, as well as read, understand and write simple French texts. Our aim is to develop children’s vocabulary and grammar, as well as support children’s pronunciation by teaching phonics using BBC Bitesize. Children will learn to decode language, which they can then transfer to any language learning in the future. 


We have carefully designed our own languages overview, which follows a two year cycle. This is so we can incorporate topics, which are important to our school, as well as design a scheme, which allows all classes (even KS1) to learn French to some extent.