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Ofsted and Performance Data

Our most recent Ofsted inspection was September 2023. 

The school was judged to be 'GOOD'  and safeguarding was judges to be 'EFFECTIVE'.
 "Pupils are confident,  polite and articulate."
A few of our strengths:
  • The early years curriculum covers the knowledge and skills that children will need when they start Year 1. Children want to learn. They proudly share their knowledge of number facts when lining up at the start of the day.
  • The knowledge that pupils study becomes increasingly complex over time.
  • The school has effective systems in place to identify pupils with SEND.
  • Pupils enjoy their lessons. Teachers model thinking for pupils so that they can complete tasks and access the learning.
  • The school’s reading curriculum makes clear exactly which sounds children will learn and when.
  • Pupils are attentive in their lessons. They are proud of the work they produce. Children in the early years quickly settle into positive routines.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective
  • The school’s writing curriculum has been developed. It now focuses clearly on the precise knowledge and skills that will help pupils to improve their writing.
  • Pupils enjoy attending this school. The school vision that all pupils will be nurtured, ignited by a love of learning and able to shine, is woven through the curriculum and school life.
  • Most parents and carers who shared their views described the school using words such as ‘excellent’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘caring’
  • Governors know and fulfil their statutory duties

Areas for further development:

Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:
1.  The school should ensure that staff have the strategies they need to match current learning precisely to what pupils already know.
2. In some subjects, teachers do not precisely match the tasks they set, or the questions they ask, to pupils’ existing knowledge. As a result, pupils do not always remember as much important knowledge as they could or connect their learning over time


                                                                                                 OFSTED Report